Inspired by the wild natural habitat of one of the most powerful animals, the lions’s, this bracelet will make you feel strong and powerful.

The history of using a depiction of a lion’s head in decorating goes back as far back as early Greece and ancient Egypt. Throughout history, a carved representation of a lion’s head has been used on furniture, as statues, as decorative accents, and in architecture.

The black bead used in this bracelet is called onyx. Did you know that Onyx is December’s mystical birthstone? It’s also Leo’s zodiac birthstone.

It’s associated with the planet Saturn. It’s also a popular gift for a married couple’s seventh and tenth wedding anniversaries.

Legend tells that when goddess Venue was sleeping, Cupid decided to clip her fingernails and left the nail clippings on the ground.

The gods turned the nail clippings to stone and were later became known as Onyx! Originally, Chalcedony stones that were white, dark brown, and black in color were all called Onyx.


Black Onyx beads
Metallic elements


Bead diameter: 8MM

Available in 3 sizes and in our premium packaging too.

Additional information

Weight0.02 g

L (19-20CM), M (17-18CM), S (15-16CM)