With a unique triple twist design, the Triple Twist wooden bracelet by Millionals features gorgeous polished oak tree beads to highlight the wood’s natural grain. These beads are threaded onto a triple strength silicon rubber band, so you don’t have to worry about breakage. The Triple Twist bracelet, as its name indicates, twists 3 times around your wrist and creates this unique look. A versatile accessory that will add a playful touch to a formal outfit, but works just as well with your casual summer ensemble. Undoubtedly, you haven’t seen anything similar on someone’s wrist. Be the first to dare it and many people will follow your example.

Oak trees are some of the most loved trees as they represent some important values: strength, resistance and honor. A common oak tree needs about 20 years to reach maturity, just like a teenager. For this reason, people identify with the struggles of growing up through bad conditions. Furthermore, oak trees are sacred thanks to their longevity. Just like lions in the animal kingdom, oak trees are the kings of the forest as they have one of the strongest tree trunks. That’s why we choose oak beads while producing many designs for our collection. In addition, oak trees can reach a height of 100 feet, so they need to have deep roots as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t plant them near sidewalks because the trunk flairs at the base.

Wrap it around your wrist thrice and we’re sure you’ll never want to take it off.

Ideal for a natural look for both men and women. It fits perfectly with the Red Moon bracelet and you can combine with the Feather necklace.
Additional tip: 2 in 1 accessory! You can use it as a boho wooden necklace as well.


Polished Wooden Oak beads


Bead diameter: 8MM

Available in 3 sizes and in our premium packaging too.

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L (19-20CM), M (17-18CM), S (15-16CM)