Made of white howlite and grey jasper beads, the Greylite bracelet will upgrade your style. One of our few bicoloured bracelets that features howlite and jasper beads and it is more promising than ever. Made of semi-precious gemstones and stainless steel metallic element, it will add the finishing touch to your outfit. Eye-catching, stylish and unique. What’s more desired?

In our collection, we display three different types of Howlite beads: green, blue and white. In order to combine it with grey Jasper, we chose white Howlite and a stainless steel metallic element. Howlite is a calming stone that helps to eliminate stress. Furthermore, it balances calcium levels and helps you reduce fretful thoughts in preparation for sleep. So don’t hesitate to take your bracelet near your pillow. On the other side, the grey stone used in this bracelet is Jasper, a unique natural design combining grey, black and white in a swirling pattern. The term jasper comes from the Greek word iaspi, meaning spotted stone. In addition, you can find the name of Jasper many times in the Bible reffering to one of the wise men who visited the newborn Jesus.

The name of greylite is a combination of the colour grey and the suffix of Howlite. A unique name for a unique design that will follow you in every important occassion. The ideal gift for both men and women, during summer and winter. After all, a bracelet is a kind of jewellery that symbolizes deep love and the connection with each other.

Combine the Greylite bracelet with your more colourful and plain outfits. Don’t forget to discover the green version of the Howlite gemstone at the Green leaf bracelet and the blue version at the Ocean bracelet.


Grey Jasper beads
White Howlite beads
Metallic element


Bead diameter: 8MM

Available in 3 sizes and in our premium packaging too.

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L (19-20CM), M (17-18CM), S (15-16CM)