Bracelets For Men By Millionals


Should men wear bracelets? This is one common question that will you will hear quite often when the conversation topic comes to jewelry. The fact is that men have worn bracelets for centuries and bracelets, like watches, can be worn daily. But how is a bracelet designed and manufactured? Here’s our approach, this is how we start work when we decide to bring a new bracelet to life…

Everything begins in Greece, the place where Millionals was born and keeps her evolution. We don’t have to book a flight to Paris or Rome to scout for the latest fashion developments. Our ideas are unique, inspired by everyday life, nature, earth, a memory or even an event. Once we have a general idea of how a product could look like, we start working on the paper. We draw, not one, but multiple designs until we have a perfect design.


What a perfect design means for us? Well a perfect design could be described in a few words “Elegant, Minimalist, Unique, Storytelling”. We design jewels that have something to share with you. A minimalist design is a design that attempts to transmit the message of simplicity and elegance by using a minimal amount of effects. Clean designs, is what we love and what people seem to love too! Everything has to be unique, why would someone wear a boring jewel that could be found everywhere? Would you wear a cologne to wear and any other around you? Storytelling is quite simple. Some of our designs will bring you in mind ancient myths, lores, traditions from various countries around the world without telling a word to you. It is always nice to wear something with a meaning isn’t it?


When it comes the time to manufacture the prototype, everyone’s excited. It could take hours and hours of thinking and brainstorming until we have the perfect idea in our mind. Now it comes the time to choose the materials that we will use. We have something to share with you. “We hate plastic”. We love environment and we hate cheap and low quality plastic beads and components. A bracelet for men should not look cheapish. The materials we use are semi-precious beads, onyx, jasper, map, tiger eye, red tiger eye, howlite, natural lava, blackstone, whitestone and many more. All our metallic elements are silver or gold plated so they will last forever!

The prototype is now ready! We carefully inspect it for imperfections. Every bead is natural, so, every bracelet ends up being unique too. None will ever have a same bracelet to someone else! The process is officially finished when our designers and the quality control team agree that we have met their expectations. All we have to do now is to introduce the new masterpiece to you, hoping you will love it as much as we do.

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