What (not) to buy this Black Friday!

What you should and you shouldn’t buy on Black Friday 2020?

Many people wonder as to what they should invest in this time, as it seems that we will not have enough opportunities to flex our brand new sneakers and stylish hoodies!

But there are some safe tips to follow so as not to make mistakes this year!


First of all, offers will come and go many more times. After Black Friday follows Cyber Monday, Christmas discounts etc. So it’s kind of a myth that you should purchase everything you need for the whole year this day. After all, it’s not very wise to spend an enormous amount of money in one day without making any kind of market investigation.


Secondly, this year invest in classics! It’s a matter of fact that 2020 wasn’t the year we wished for. Coronavirus changed our lives so much and it is expected that the same will happen for New Year’s Eve party. Not many people will admire your glamorous dress and extravagant watch. So you have to make a safer choice. You should buy something that will be useful and in fashion for many more years. Such an example is minimal necklaces and bracelets! (link) That’s the best way to take advantage of Black Friday without making bad choices!

Couple bracelets you should buy
Couple bracelets


Next, avoid the latest-gen electronic devices. Time has shown that the price of smartphones, gaming consoles drops dramatically some weeks after their release. That’s because people tend to think that the more expensive, the better. But that’s a trick of marketers. When they bring a product to market, it has to make an entrance with its specs and price, of course. So save some money and buy it next month!


Last but not least, Black Friday is a good chance to organize some of the Christmas gifts! No one wants to be under pressure as to choose the right gift and have it on time! As we said everything is different this year and shipping companies have to deal with high workload. Choose some silver 925 jewelry for your family, a couple bracelets set for you and your significant other and don’t forget the unisex chains!

The Mermaid ring you should buy this Black Friday
Silver Mermaid ring


Adding up, make some clever moves as to what you should (not) buy this Black Friday. Adding to cart is satisfying, as long as this satisfaction lasts after the goodies arrive!

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